Are electronic forms accepted by the CT Office of Early Childhood Development and other regulatory agencies?

Yes. FormConnect has a signed letter from the OEC that states electronic storage of forms is acceptable, provided you can produce immediate access to these forms/records.

Are electronic signatures legally binding?

Yes. In 2000 the US passed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), making it an acceptable form of signature in every US state and territory.

Does the Form Connect application work on mobile phones?

Yes, our solution is 100% mobile responsive and also works on tablets and desktops too.

What would I do during an OEC on site inspection?

During an inspection from your regulatory agency, you login to the form connect application and search any student form that is requested (just like you would do in your filing cabinets). You can easily download, print, email or simply show the form on your screen to the inspector.

Can Staff Forms be electronically shared, signed, stored and managed with Form Connect?

Yes. Form Connect is a form management solution for both students and staff.

Am I responsible for creating / digitizing the forms?

No. FormConnect has already digitized most of the required state agency forms that apply to your business and these are already included as templates. [State of Connecticut Department of Education – Early Childhood Health Assessment Record, CT OEC – Background Check, CT OEC – Staff Medical, CT DCF – Staff Authorization, W9, and many others ] FormConnect will also take all of your existing school forms and digitize them at no cost.

Do I have to manually add all of my students and their parents information into the application?

No, FormConnect has an import function that easily imports the required student and parent information into the application.

Can I charge and collect funds from parents or participants and post it to their individual account?

Yes. FormConnect has an integration with STRIPE making it easy to collect funds for anything (i.e. tuition, camp fees, field trip, etc.). A good example is collecting $20 for a field trip with the completion of the field trip authorization/waiver or collecting monthly payments for tuition fees.

Can FormConnect distribute, collect and manage medical forms from a child’s pediatrician?

Yes! For the CT – Early Childhood Health Assessment Record form you can send this to parents to be completed. Parents finish the first page and select ‘Send the form to 3rd party’ which sends an email requesting their pediatrician complete the remainder of the form.

Is your application HIPAA compliant?


Is the FormConnect application secure?

Yes, we are a cloud based application hosted on AWS that employs SSL and data encryption. We also utilize two factor authentication for all user logins.

Are there storage limits?

No. There are no limits on the number of forms or the size of these files.

Is training and tech support included?

Yes, all training and tech support is included. We help our customers set up their forms and ensure they are properly trained. Administrators and end user’s can contact support@formconnect.com for any needed guidance or support.

What if some parents or participants do not want to use FormConnect?

In the off chance that someone is not willing to utilize the FormConnect application for completing a form that you require, you can simply have them complete this by hand and turn it in to you. Then you can scan it or take a picture of the document and simply upload it to that participants record.