Product Updates

July 2023

  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Report.  Now FC administrators can run a report to see all users who have started registering a child to a program and abandoned or left this pending. Simply go to the Reports page and click on ‘Abandoned Shopping Cart Report’. Pro Tip: Check this regularly to identify potential new program registrants, and message users who have abandoned the registration process to entice or remind them to finish their enrollment/ registration.
  • Addition of ‘Date Created’ in Participants’ page table. Per request, we have added a ‘date created’ field to the participants table on the ‘Participants Page’. Along with the ‘new’ flag, you can now sort by creation date to easily see any/all new participant records that have been created within your FormConnect instance. If you ever identify any duplicate accounts, just send them over to ‘’ and we’ll get these merged. We plan to release our merge tool to FC administrators later this year.
  • Ability to run Form Data export/reports by Program and enrollment spot.  This is a huge timesaver and a great new feature!  You will no longer need to toggle between enrollment exports and form data reports.  Now, you can apply program and/or enrollment spot filters directly to the Form Data report; to pull all data captured in forms, directly for the program or enrollment spot you are working on.  Head to the Reporting page and then click on ‘Form Data Reports‘.  Select the form you want to extract data from and click the ‘Export’ button.  Here you will be able to select which program and/or enrollment spots (along with each piece of data you wish to select) to export into one nice excel file report.
    Example:  You have a standard ‘camper information form’ or ‘enrollment form’ that contains specific data captured from parents; which they filled out upon enrollment.  Teachers or staff for each program / enrollment spot can now run this report to obtain any piece of information captured in a form, specifically for the children that are registered in that program and/or specific enrollment spot.  OR You need to quickly find all allergies or medical conditions for all those enrolled in Program X.  This is where you can now quickly pull any/all data captured in forms, by a specific program / enrollment spot.
  • Custom Thank you Message Company Blurb.    We’ve implemented a new custom thank you / success message that each user receives after submitting a form OR checking out of their shopping cart when registering for a program.  This message includes a space for you to provide a quick summary or ‘about’ writeup on your organization.  You can edit this within your service provider instance settings under Location < Edit location < About your Organization Thank you Message.   ** Note we highly recommend adding something here or else the Thank you popup message will look incomplete.

June 2023

  • Attendance Module.  We have rolled out an attendance module to help keep track of participant attendance.  This new module has been incorporated into the current program enrollment feature, and can be enabled within the main location settings page.  Once enabled the attendance module allows Service Providers the ability to fully track participant attendance within a program at each enrollment spot level.  The application can capture the following data points; [ Time in, Time out, date, marked as (present, half day, absent), picked up by, and entered by.]  It was also designed so that you can easily bulk enter attendance for all selected participants and/or all selected dates, in one quick action. Parents can see attendance within participant profiles and even enter or update missing attendance data (which is not entered until approved by administrators).  The attendance module comes equipped with an exportable report so that you can pull this data in pdf excel or .csv format.
  • QR Codes.  QR Codes are a quick way for end users to access a specific website or application, using the camera on their mobile device.  Instead of typing out a website URL they can scan the image and be brought directly to the webpage in question.  We have incorporated QR Code generation for the main page that displays all of your available programs, each specific public program page, as well as on any digitized form.  You’ll notice the ‘QR Code’ button
  • Abandoned Form and Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminders.  
    We have added two automated reminder email notifications that go out to users who have   A. Started completing a form but did not finish/submit the form.   B.  Added enrollment items to their shopping cart but never paid or ‘checked out’.  Each time a user does one of these actions they will receive an email notification reminder first after 24 hours, and then once more approximately 1 week later if they haven’t since submitted the form or checked out the items in their shopping cart.  Later this summer we will be rolling out an abandoned shopping cart report for admins, so you can always pull a list of all users who have pending items in their shopping cart.
  • Form Upload Updates.
    We have added some new functionality around form and document uploads.  First, parents can now upload multiple PDF documents together to upload as a single document or multi-page form.  Second, FormConnect administrators can now upload files on behalf of participants.  So if a parent submits a form via email or other manner, you can now upload that form as a pdf or image file in place of the form that is pending.  An administrator uploading a form on behalf of a participant will always change that form status to ‘Approved’.

April 2023

  • New table sort functions and pagination.  We have just applied new pagination to all table across the application so that users can decide the number of displayable results on each table.  All column headers where alphanumeric sort is applicable have also been updated to sort appropriately.
  • Single Send digital forms rolled out.  This is a fantastic new feature that tackles the use case where you need to send a unique form/ waiver/ document to a specific participant or parent.  You can now click the ‘Send for Signature’ button, upload your document, apply digital field elements (name, signature, text response) and quickly send that digitized document to a parent/participant to sign and return.  Example use cases include:  A. Sending student assessments that need to be reviewed and signed/acknowledged by parents.    B.  Sending a waiver for a specific medical incident or behavioral issue (administering an epi pen, or a child bit another student, etc.)
  • Clone Programs capability.   You can now clone any current or previously created programs.  Simply click ‘clone program’ from the dropdown actions list.  All inputs, descriptions and options are identical to the original program you’ve just cloned. You will simply need to review all program settings and make the necessary updates for your new program. This should include reviewing the required forms, enrollment spot descriptions quantities and prices, waitlist options, and public enrollment settings.  This is a big time saver!!

November 2022

  • Form based status notifications.   Form based status notifications are received when parents submit forms, or when the status is changed to approved or rejected (pushed back to parent to make updates).  They were originally hard coded to be delivered to the primary administrator only.   Each staff member (or administrator) now has their own notification settings.  You can choose to disable notifications, receive them immediately or even in daily or weekly digest emails.  For staff accounts you will only receive notifications that pertain to the locations that you have access to.  To edit your notification settings go to your account < edit profile.  Click the ‘notification’ box and then select if you’d like to receive form status notifications immediately, or in daily or weekly digest format.
  • Program payments processed outside of FormConnect.  For clients who use our program enrollment feature who also accept cash, check or additional payment methods outside of the FormConnect application, you can now reflect these outside payments directly within FormConnect.  When you are on your program page, click ‘add enrollment’ and you now can add your participant as enrolled and account for their payment method.  (Check, cash, waived, other).  Additionally, if you select ‘credit card’, you can now process the payment through the application for your participant if they provided you with their credit card information.  Don’t forget to add any additional info in the ‘Notes’ section; as this data will display within enrollment tables and reports.
  • Download all completed forms.  A few of our clients have asked for a quick way to download ‘all’ forms completed by parents.  Within our Reports page we have added a ‘Download Completed Forms’ button.  Clicking this button will produce a zip file of all completed forms, in pdf format.  You can sort by specific form and then highlight them in bulk to mass print these, or save to a local drive.
  • Improved enrollment and form completion workflow.  If you are utilizing program enrollment and also require the completion of a form during the registration process, we’ve made some improvements that help streamline this process for parents.  Once a parent enrolls a participant (or multiple participants) into a program, the required form is automatically assigned to each enrolled participant.  The parent receives both a popup window with a link to complete each form, along with an email with a hyperlink to complete the form.  This will ensure that for any program enrollments that also require forms to be submitted, that this takes place easily while parents are registering.